My Equipment (with links to B&H Photo's pages - B&H is the VERY BEST!)

Camera Bodies

Nikon D3S

The D3S is quite simply the greatest single innovation in digital photography to date.  Image sensor technology incorporated into this camera created a paradigm shift in the photographic world.  The capabilities and features of this camera, particularly in low light conditions, very literally revolutionized that way I shoot in almost any situation!

Though now superseded by Nikon's newest flagship, the D4, used D3 and D3S bodies are out there at some very good prices.  Buyer beware though - make CERTAIN you are getting a USA model/Serial Number camera.  Nikon USA will not repair  product that is not a USA version.


Nikon D3

My backup body is a D3 - the first of the D3 line to be released.  Superb low light performance coupled with its plethora of customizable features make this camera a leader in the Pro class of camera bodies.



14mm-24mm f2.8 ED

This ultra-wide to wide angle zoom combines outstanding optics to minimize edge distortion and chromatic aberration with perspective correction to keep lines nice and straight.


24mm-70mm f2.8 ED

This intermediate wide -angle to short telephoto is a highly versatile tool when the subjects or the situation is changing rapidly.  This lens deliver superb sharpness and excellent low-light capability.


70mm-200mm f2.8 ED VR II 

This short to intermediate telephoto zoom is an essential element in any action shooter's bag of tricks.  Supremely sharp with outstanding image stabilization, this lens shines in every aspect of its function.  An expensive purchase  but no one ever regrets having one of these.


200mm-400mm f4 ED VR                                                                                

Mine is the older VR version - the link is to the newer VR-II version.  Used VR lenses are relatively easy to come by at a lower price.  This  medium telephoto to long telephoto zoom is fast, flexible and quite manageable with a bit of practice.  A very nice addition to anyone's lens collection.


85mm f1.4G                                                                                                     

Perhaps the finest portrait lens EVER made!


16mm f2.8D Fisheye                                                                                        

This ultra-wide angle lens sports a 180° vision angle corner to corner and is the only way to take it ALL in!


TC-14E II (1.4X Multiplier)                                                                                

A great tool for getting more out of a telephoto lens, Nikon's multipliers are second to none!

Lighting, Power Pack and Remote Triggers  

Flash - Nikon SB900 (Link is for the 910)

Power Pack - Quantum Turbo 2X2 (now discontinued - see website for latest models)

Remote Triggers - Pocket Wizard


  • Flex TT5
  • Mini TT1
  • AC-3
Bags, Belts & Backpacks

In a realm of photography where choices abound, there is only one that truly stands out: ThinkTANK!  SERIOUS thinkology goes into these camera carrying solutions.

My Shape Shifter load: 2X D3 bodies, 70mm-200mm, 24mm-70mm, 14mm-24mm, 2X external backup drives, CF card wallet, 2X spare batteries, iPad, 17" MacBook Pro.  Oh, and your Speed Belt can substitute for the waist belt it comes with.  And when you finally get where you're going move the kit to the belt and fill your backpack with other stuff you might want along with you during your shoot.

Storage Media  

I use SanDisk Compact Flash cards.  I have quite a number of CF cards of various sizes with me at all times.  There are a few things to think about with memory cards including capacity, speed, and protecting your shoot from media failure of some sort.  I use SanDisk storage media for the simple reason that they've never let me down.

Large capacity cards mean putting all your eggs in one basket but when the action is happening all around you, the last thing you want to be doing is missing it because you're changing a puny card that ran out of space.  Most of the cards out there today will write data as fast as the camera delivers it, but when it's time to transfer your images to a computer speed is nice.  A 90MB/sec 32GB card takes 8 minutes to download.  If you have 100GB of images to move speed helps.